Let's starting from the beginning

My name is Flavio Santana and I am a digital product designer since 2009. I have worked in publicity agencies, design studios and for big companies, like Guia Mais, LG, Renault, Brasil Pré-Pagos. Since December 2016 I have been working as UX Analyst at GOL Airlines.

I am graduated in Graphic Design and postgraduate in Information Architecture & UX, at Impacta University.

I have contributed for 3 years to Design Culture blog, with articles about design, communication, user experience, and culture. I am also one of the creators of Coletivo UX blog, one of the first initiatives to share UX knowledge in Portuguese, through articles and meetups. This project is connecting a lot of professionals in Brazil, who are with me and my partner Odair Faléco improving the UX Design market.

My process

Always I look for align the business goals with users needs. Not only delivery a project but understand the real impact in their lives. During the visual design process, I look for improve the user experience through studies, tryings and errors, using the visual design principles, gestalt, semiotic and shape psychology.

Also I always looking for to validate and share the experiences with others professionals in a way open mind to critics and different ways to improve the final product. These experiences have helped me improve my skills in graphic design, digital design, web design, app interface and front-end development.





Professional resume

GOL Airlines, UX Analyst

Interface Design, UX Metrics (Heat Map, Analytics Analysis) Usability Test, Wireframes, Prototypes, Interaction Design, Interface Improvement, UX Best Pratices, Persuasive UX (Gestalt, Convey Triggers).

Dec 2016 - Today

Guia Mais, UI & UX Designer

Interface Design, UX Process (Discover, Research, Validation), Project Management, Stakeholders Interview, Prototypes & Wireframes, Interaction Design.

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

Martin Luz Design, Graphic, UI & UX Designer

Graphic Design (Brand Design, Logo Design, Print Design) Interface Design, UX Process (Discover, Research, Validation), Style Guides, Stakeholders Interview, Users Interview, Prototypes & Wireframes, Interaction Design.

Jan 2015 - Aug 2016

9DT Studio, Designer & Co-Founder

Graphic Design (Brand Design, Logo Design, Print Design) Interface Design & UX Process (Discover, Research, Validation), Wireframes & Prototypes, Project Management, Sales and New Business.

Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

Intermídia, Web Designer

Graphic Design (Brand Design, Logo Design, Print Design), Web Design, Wireframes & Prototypes, HTML & CSS Development.

Jan 2011 - Dec 2012

Web Solutions Brazil, Web Designer

Web Design, Wireframes & Prototypes, HTML & CSS Development.

Nov 2009 - Dec 2010

Academic Resume

Graphic Designer

Graduated - Cruzeiro do Sul University

Jan 2011 - Aug 2013

Information Architecture & User Experience

In progress - Impacta Technology College

Feb 2017 - Today

Free Courses

Building a great speech & Visual Thinking


Design Sprint


Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide

Interaction Design Foundation

Product UX: Mesure, monitor & testing your product
UX Strategy: Diverge & shaping Ideas
What's UX?

ALURA Online Courses

UX Boot Camp


Art Direction

Impacta University

SEO Training


Others Activities

1º & 2º Coletivo UX Meetup - SP


Atech Embraer Week - São Paulo, BR
DC Talks - Recife, BR
DC Experience - Salvador, BR
Cruzeiro do Sul University - São Paulo, BR
UX + Sketch Talk - São Paulo, BR

Speaker - UX & Design


Mentor &  Speaker - Design and Prototype

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