The project

BePay is an app with payment and receiving money in mobile devices, it has a system that allows payment in offline mode. The first app version was built to Android, reducing time and costs of production. I used the Material Design from Google in Angular JS as the base to build the interface.

The logo process

The company did not have a defined visual identity, just the name of the app. Looking for good references to design, I found the way to give personality to the shape. A smile can be seen with letters B and P, presenting itself to the user in a way that no traditional bank or financial application does. After a lot of sketches, color study and tests, the logo was created.

The app process

The creation process was in two steps: wireframes and prototypes. On the first one I used Sketch App to develop the wireframes, facilitating for the prototype step. To create interactions on prototype I used Adobe Flash.

This allowed the client have the an idea how it will works and how steps in the flow needs more attention and development.

App BePay

With the brand developed, I started to structure the app interface with the language, colors and shapes defined throughout the process. I had many meetings with BePay team to align ideas and show the results. Every part was really important to present the best result.

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Web view BePay

The service has also one web system to help the users consulting their transactions in desktop scenarios.

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