Renault Connect

The project

The connect cars concept was one of the challenges of the 3º Hackathon FIESP - CJE in São Paulo, 2014. Through the mobile technology, the team had 24h to think of one solution to attend this need. When the team understood the briefing, was the possible start to sketch some ideas and make a business plan to bring the idea to life. 

We do not think only of the solution as a product but how the Renault could better contact your clients and offer your products that fit your personal needs.

The process

To start the project, the team used the design thinking double diamond as part of process. The time was very short and that gave us the lot of work in just 8 hours. We worked in 3 steps only:

The research

The team made a qualitative research to understand how the target will accept the idea in the first time. The research was shared by Facebook and e-mail. 

The app definition

From that the team brought the insights and ideas to share with stakeholders. The team has decided create a mobile application from data research and user needs.

With recommendations from Renault engineers, the team could discover what was the cars physical limits and how they could be improved. We researched the competitors and what there's on the market. The Automatic app in the USA has the same problem solution offering an app and a device to connect the car to mobile. The goal brought the best ideas to attend the Renault clients in Europa.

Interaction / Diagram

To create the navigation flow, the team created a diagram to show how the user interact with the app and how the experience can be projected at the first time. As part of the process it could be better explored by the team.

The result

Exploring the features and validating ideas, we could make testing the first prototype. We created a mobile prototype that could measure the gas levels, brake oil, water, car temperature and others info that could be useful to a user. At the first time, a device can connect the OBD door and send information to the app. This was the strategy.

The solution will notify the user about car fixes, where the driver can to fuel the car, exclusive discounts and others ways of Renault communicate with your client.

Winner idea

Among the 6 teams, our idea won the connected cars category. As part of the prize, the team won one travel to Paris to meet the Renault Tech Center and your engineers to talk about the project and where the team could help the company.

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Concept video

We created one video to explain how the app could be used in real life with our friends from agency SYX Comunicação.

App 2.0

I could improve the app bringing a new and clean interface design to improve a better experience as a study. The idea was to create an anticipatory design to notify where are the problems with fixes in the car.

The team

William Walter da Silva, Clauffer Luiz, Flavio Santana e Jefferson Silva.