The project

Sleepy App is a mobile application that helps users to discover if they have Sleep Apnea. This project was conceived because there are millions of people that have this issue and don't know. The Apnea Sleep affects several aspects of life as physical disposition, breath and snore.

Design research

The Sleep Apnea affects a lot of people around the world in their lifetime. Elderly people have more difficulties to adapt themselves to technology and that was one of the challenges: create an application that is easy to young and old people to use. To understand better the target, the first step was to find wich products are used, talk to people with sleep apnea and understand their lifes.

Using the User Centered Design, this process used 3 methodologies:

- Personas
- Benchmarking
- Qualitative Research

As a product for people, it needed to be scalable. For the research part, a benchmark list was created to show to the team what types of products existed and which problem they wanted to solve. At that moment, we select the attention points and priorities.

The process

At the first time we started to created the communication, brand and visual identity. It is a product that talk with the user, it communicate informations about their health, so the voice tone was carefully created to be clear. As all design process with research, brainstorm, sketches and a lot of papers, some really good ideas appears at this instant.

A oscillator line and the geometric shape of hexagon was used to compose the logo. The curves and rounded borders makes the reference to organic and human shape.


Thinking about the main target, the illustrations designed by Luis Bonadio were direct, simple to understand and helps the user to use the app easily.

Style guide

For the interface, a style guide was designed to preserve the communication. This application could seen complex for the target, but with some tests with future users, the results were satisfied.

Mobile Application

The design process of the app interface started with some sketches. The client has contributed with some wireframes and handmade documentation in this initial validation process.

App design

The color blue was chosen as the principal color in the app. It was accepted because the user, in most of the scenarios, will use the app at night or before go to sleep. This help to reduces the luminosity received by the user in the mobile screen.

The team

Felipe Leite, Celso Feijó e Flavio Santana.